Dessert Island Karate

Imagine being stranded on a desert island. A nice one with lots of edible fruit, coconuts and fresh water. No work, no facebook, no door-to-door salespeople.

Exotic beaches, deep blue sea, crystal clear nights, long hot sunny days. I know some people who would spend their entire lives there, and they'd love it. They'd pack up and go right now if they could. How would that appeal to you?

After six months.... after one year... a decade... all alone ruling over your island kingdom! How soon would the boredom set in? Or, indeed, insanity? How long would it take for you to want to leave that place forever? To return to daily life, to people, a place where you can make mistakes.

Hold on! What's this got to do with karate? What's all this desert island stuff? Well... in your training... make sure you don't get stuck on that desert island!

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