Safe and sound

Practising Karate can be a strenuous activity. All new students should inform the instructor of any pre-existing medical problems prior to training and if necessary visit their GP.

It is the responsibility of students to ensure they are physically and mentally fit for training. If in any doubt students must not participate in training.

Karate, by its nature, involves physical contact and its associated risks. Students must accept these risks as part of their training. Every effort is made to minimise the risks involved and all instructors are qualified in basic first aid.

Providing that students train in a responsible manner these risks can be minimised.

No jewellery of any kind is to be worn while training, as this can cause injury to other students. Wedding rings that cannot be removed must to be taped.

Students must maintain good personal hygiene due to the close physical contact involved during training. Nails on both feet and hands must be kept as short as possible to avoid injury.

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